कबीर मानव सेवा शिक्षा संस्थान

(Kabir Institute of Human Services Education)

समाधान विद्यालय , कबीर तीर्थ मंदरौद (मेघाघाट), कुरुद धमतरी

      Message From The Founder Teacher
Our school is fully supported by the values and have been working together with parents. Our children study in the midst of green environment where they learn the basic assumptions of the nature. I feel that all the teacher have been working to fulfill the objective of the school and they pay their maximum ability to the children. They all are trained by 'Jivan Viddya'. This training is based on the Relation, Communication and connection of the nature. A school is very important place where children are get education from teachers. A children are like wet soil, whatever we want to make we can. In this work parents are must with teachers because without parents a teacher can not succeed. " I am so blessful to work in such a nice and wise organisation as a teacher"
MRS. KESARI DIDI (Founder Teacher)