कबीर मानव सेवा शिक्षा संस्थान

(Kabir Institute of Human Services Education)

समाधान विद्यालय , कबीर तीर्थ मंदरौद (मेघाघाट), कुरुद धमतरी

Samadhan Vidyalaya is an English medium school at Mandroad. This Vidyalaya is situated at the bank of Mahanadi River. The Vidyalaya is blessed with nature's beauty. Offers the best academic environment for an excellent education. The main objective of the school is to develop knowledge and skill through better teaching facilities and well qualified and motivated teachers.
The God father of Organization is Saint Yogendra Saheb Ji, founder is Saint Ghanshyam Saheb ji, President Narayan Singh Ji , Voice President- Mahim Bhai Ji and having member.. 1. Chudamani Master 2. Bhuvan Bhai 3. Gajendra Bhai 4. Umesh Bhai.
Samadhan vidyalaya has been started with the some objectives. The whole school family is working to fulfill those objectives. The aim of the school is to develop Indian Bonded rites among students with good education. Teaching children in English language to take a tour of river, storm, field and forest to understand nature.
I think Samadhan Vidyalaya is one of the Vidyalayas of this location where school works not only for children but for teacher also. Here saheb ji works for teacher's progress. He guides us all teachers for our mental, intelectual, spiritual development. Here, every teacher participates his own responsibilities himself in every cultural program and other activities.